Retracing the Route of the British in Southern Anne Arundel County

Through archival research, GIS mapping, and archaeological investigations, the Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation had a team of professional archaeologists rediscovering the trail of British incursions into Anne Arundel County over the weekend of October 27th to 31st, 1814. The team investigated and expanded upon the scant knowledge of the skirmishes, placing them in a larger historic context to demonstrate how the War impacted citizens locally, causing political, emotional, and economic upheaval.

Archival evidence is allowing us to reconstruct the landscape of that eventful weekend almost 200 years ago, which guided archaeological survey of select 1812 sites in the spring of 2014. Historic deeds, maps, and survey plats were analyzed and brought into a spatial database with mapping technology in order to identify possible skirmish sites. This website (first posted on October 27, 2013, the 199th anniversary of the British arrival in Tracy's Landing) reports on the historic, cartographic, and archaeological results of this project.